50 Positive Affirmations for Kids

Morning Affirmations for Kids


Start your families day with a positive outlook on the world! Every day while doing your morning routine recite a different affirmation with your child. Experts agree that affirmations can help young children feel confident and cultivate a positive self-image. ... An affirmation like “I can do anything” just might help your tot keep their cool when they're struggling to dress themselves or having a hard time waiting their turn.

We've compiled 50 positive affirmations to help your child feel most confident! A positive life starts with your mindset!

Good things take time. Mindfulness. Positive Affirmations. 



  1. Choose one affirmation from the list below
  2. Tell your child that you're sharing a few words to help them think positively and feel better
  3. Say the affirmation out loud, and ask your child to repeat it back to you.
  4. Encourage your child to stay aware and to look directly at you.
  5. Repeat step 3 several times
  6. Talk about what the words mean and why they help improve our mindset
  7. Ask your students to repeat the affirmation several times during the day

Note: You can also use these morning affirmations in conjunction with our Positive Nursery Wall Art to help wake your child with the best positive vibes.


List of 50 positive, morning affirmations

  1. I am an amazing person 
  2. My best is enough
  3. I will have an amazing day
  4. I can be anything I want to be
  5. It’s okay not to know everything
  6. I have confidence and courage
  7. I am smart
  8. Today will be great
  9. Today I will spread positivity
  10. I will make a difference
  11. I can make my dreams come true
  12. I am ready to learn
  13. I make good choices
  14. I trust my decisions
  15. I am important
  16. I have people who love and respect me
  17. I can do anything
  18. I am strong and determined
  19. I matter
  20. I am capable
  21. I am unique
  22. I make other people feel better
  23. I accept myself for who I am
  24. I believe anything is possible
  25. I can get through anything
  26. I want to do my best every day
  27. I’m going to push through
  28. I’ve got this
  29. I will take a chance
  30. I will get through this
  31. I am relaxed and calm 
  32. I will take deep breaths
  33. I choose my attitude
  34. I stand up for things I believe in
  35. I surround myself with positive people
  36. I make the world a better place
  37. No matter how hard it is, I can do it
  38. I will think positively
  39. Today I will be confident
  40. Today is a new beginning
  41. Today I will work through my fears
  42. Today is going to be my day
  43. Everything will be okay
  44. I am thankful for today
  45. I will be present in the moment
  46. I get better every single day
  47. My problems have solutions
  48. I forgive myself for my mistakes
  49. Challenges help me become a stronger person
  50. I will do better next time


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